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Welcome to Double S Ranch; home of Laura Dawn’s Dorests!  Sharon and Sonny moved to Bakersfield in 1976 and decided to buy property in the outskirts of Bakersfield to raise Reed, (10 yrs old) and Laura, (7 yrs old) in the country where they could have land to run. Sharon went to the fair ‘just to look at animals’ when she fell in love with the Dorsets and knew they needed to be in our barn! She found a breeder in Wasco, the Chernabaeff family and that’s where our story began!  We bought twin ewes and we showed them at our fair.  They were known as the “Bobsy Twins”.  Sharon and Sonny spent countless hours learning “how to fit” them.  By 1981, Sharon was flying to National shows to purchase sheep to get our flock going strong.  We were soon showing the Dorset’s at shows outside of our county fair.  It was a family affair to get the string ready for shows.  Laura was known as the washer and carder. Reed was carding and clipping along with our parents working on the finishing techniques.  We grew from those first two to about 50 sheep by 1984.  We learned breeding, culling, vet tips, fitting and all that encompassed raising sheep.  Once Laura graduated from high school, we recognized that was not the end of it, but it was just the beginning of a new phase.  We have been able to get the flock shown in junior shows and then began showing in the open shows.  That enabled us to change with the industry and stay within the current trends.  We enjoy traveling to shows. We have been blessed along the way to be surrounded with many wonderful breeders who we call friends!   Currently, we keep 12 brood ewes, 2 stud rams along with our show flock.  We have been able to be competitive with our flock. 

Just within the last few years, we decided to get milk goats to help with any bottle babies that may come our way.  We really have enjoyed them being on the farm as they are entertaining!  Eventually we will learn to make soaps using their milk!

Our ranch is 2 ½ acres located in Kern County, in between Greenfield and Lamont. We keep busy with chickens, sheep, goats and harvesting the gardens and fruit trees.  We enjoy making jams and canning.  Call us to visit! We love sharing our flocks with family, friends and the community. 



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